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Chickens And Eggs

Chickens And Eggs

How Companies Conning Consumers with kept in vs Free Range Chickens and Regular Eggs vs Organic Eggs.

Veganism is like a new way to treat animal better as people are becoming more aware of the factory farming horror story. Although the companies are now labelling their products as ‘free – range’, ‘all natural’, ‘ethical farming methods’, ‘organic’ and other terms which make people think what they it is safer, concern more on ethical ways and less slaughtering things going on. However, those terms are misleading.

Most of the mentioned terms are used but the animals are still mutilated and slaughtered in a forceful and painful ways. Most companies are cutting their lives violently but still denied that they are concerning on treating animal in ethical ways as they are also living creature.

This article will dive deeper into how concerning is ethical farming for Vegans and how companies who are labelling their products as free range or a more ethical farming ways are conning the consumers.

Vegan as Ethical Consumption

When Vegan first introduced to the world, most people associate the term as an act to avoid practices which harm other species or living creatures. People who are vegan are committed to animal welfare or also called as animal rights ethics. So, in this case, veganism is a matter of ethical consumption. Technically the free – range chicken sounds more appropriate compared to cage in chicken as they deserve to set free. However, the free range chickens are still different with naturally setting the chicken free in the nature.

The Free – Range Chicken

The free – range chicken means allowing chickens to spend their short live enjoying sunshine and fresh air. This is mentioned in the USDA requirements but it has no provision on how much time the animals should be in the outdoor areas and how much room they must be provided.

However, the chickens in the farming mostly do not take this ‘access’ to the nature. A farm expert explains that chicken is naturally a home body. A farm expert explains that chickens that are raised in the U.S for the meat factory are bred for only hogging down the food and they cannot walk because of some genetic manipulation. So, the companies are opening the chickens’ cages door to allow them to access the outside. And by just that action the companies are able to use the ‘free – range’ label.

What’s more surprising, a study has proved that chickens prefer areas with lots of trees and doesn’t really like to be under the bright sun, and it means the wide range field is not favorable habitat for chickens. They love to have a natural shelter that can protect them from the wind, sun, and predators. So, it can be said that although chickens are allowed to out of the cage but the free ranged chicken is not really what’s called free ‘accesses to the outside.

Eggs vs Organic Eggs

Consuming eggs are also avoided by the vegans as this action is seen as taking away animals’ opportunity to live. Some other reason is because animals are slaughtered by the companies just to get their meat or eggs. For the second reason, the companies are now labelling their product as ‘organic’. This label is approved by USDA when the animals are managed without added growth hormones, antibiotics or other chemical products to enhance the quality of meat, eggs and dairy products. However, according to PETA, only fewer that 5 percent of chicken are raised with USDA standards. So it can be said that regular eggs or organic eggs are almost the same. Those are reasons why veganism chooses to not consume either it is free ranged chickens or being in caged chickens, regular eggs or organic eggs.

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