Gift Giving: The Environmental Way

Gift Giving: The Environmental Way

Gift Giving: The Environmental Way

Being green is becoming more and more popular these days, but it is often overlooked during life’s special occasions. Granted, gift giving can be fun, but it often proves to be one of the most environmentally wasteful traditions practiced today. By changing a few of our buying habits prior to these fun times, we can make any gift giving occasion have less of an impact on the environment.

Green Product: Hemp Gift Wrap

By wrapping your presents in a hemp gift wrap, you will maintain the traditional style of wrapping paper, while helping to save the forest. Depending on where you purchase your paper, you will find that some stores hold a limited variety of prints, while others will offer a wide range of choices. Hemp gift wrap contains a blend of hemp and other recycled fibres, which are then typically coloured with a vegetable based ink.

Green Product: 100% Biodegradable Ribbons

Though it can be somewhat hard to find, there are places that sell 100% biodegradable ribbons. These allow you to add that final touch to your gifts without having to worry about the extra garbage left behind. These ribbons are often made from cotton or another natural material and then coloured with a vegetable based dye.

Green Product: Cotton Gift Bags

The most readily available green wrapping product on the market today is the cotton gift bag. Since they are easily reusable, they can help to protect the environment again and again, well into the future. It also eliminates the need to use wrapping paper and tape, which will save trees and keep unnecessary waste from ending up in our landfills. Once the bags wear out (which is often after several uses), they are completely biodegradable.

Green Product: Reusable Shopping Bags

Instead of wrapping your gifts in traditional wrapping paper, consider packing them in a reusable shopping bag. After they’ve fulfilled their purpose as a gift wrap, they can help the environment by keeping plastic shopping bags from ending up in the garbage. With the number of styles constantly increasing, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a bag suited to anyone’s personal tastes.

Green living no longer has to go on hold just because it’s gift giving time. Simply by using more environmentally friendly products during life’s special occasions, we can make gift giving a greener experience for everyone involved. That is something both the environment and the people living within it, can appreciate now and well into the future.

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